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The pianist Kjell Edstrand teaches piano (playing by ear) at the Academy of Music in Malmö and giving lessons in synthesizer and keyboard as well. He has also worked as a freelance musician for 30 years as an accompanist, working with premier singers in pop, rock, jazz, musicals and classical music. He is active as a composer, arranger and conductor, and has arranged for all types orchestral settings. He has participated in many Swedish

TV shows as a musician and orchestra leader.

"For me, orchestration and piano playing is closely related. Chord playing is a sort of improvised orchestration."

Kjell Edstrand was project manager for the pioneer project of Pop / rock / and folk music studies at the Academy of Music - an education that is now permanent and has a large number of applicants. He was awarded the pedagogical prize from the Royal Academy of Music in 2003.

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